Dr. Elena Klimenko’s practice provides a unique, balanced approach to Functional Medicine. Patients receive well-rounded treatment solutions through the integration of both conventional Western and alternative medicines. Through acupuncture and homeopathy Dr. Klimenko addresses the root cause of each individual’s illness. Noninvasive cosmetic procedures such as Botox and fillers are included in the offering providing patients with the opportunity to achieve internal and external beauty.


Elena Klimenko MD Functional Medicine Practitioner

Elena Klimenko, M.D.

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Medical: A Balanced Approach to Health

I grew up in Russia, where three significant experiences put me on the path to being the health practitioner I am today—an American board certified medical doctor in internal medicine, licensed in medical acupuncture, who empowers patients to take charge of their health, using the tools of acupuncture, homeopathy and functional medicine, supported by a deep understanding of both science and the mind-body-spirit connection. Based on my training and experience, my philosophy of practice is ground…


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Functional Medicine Approach to Autoimmune Thyroid Disease

Autoimmune diseases affect nearly 24 million Americans, and thyroid diseases affect about 20 million. Many Americans are dealing with autoimmune thyroid disease. In fact, Hashimoto’s disease, an autoimmune thyroid condition, is one of the most common causes of hypothyroidism. The scary part is that a high percentage of those with autoimmune thyroid disease are completely unaware of their condition. If you have […]

How To Get Better Night Sleep (According To Functional Medicine)

JUST ONE MORE click along your episodic TV show on Netflix, that means one less hour of sleep, but that’s nothing a cup of coffee won’t fix tomorrow, right? Not quite. Over time, a deficit of deep sleep could mean way more than just a bit of daze—think weight gain, mood disorders, fatigue, increased stress levels, reduced attention span, and declined cognitive […]

Functional Medicine Approach to Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD)

Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), which include Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, affect as many as three million Americans, most of whom are diagnosed before age 35. These chronic, life-long conditions can be treated but not cured, so as a result IBD can significantly affect a patient’s quality of life and may have a high financial load. Up until now, traditional medicine has […]

The Extraordinary Natural Health Benefits of Turmeric

The benefits of turmeric are numerous, as it’s widely considered one of the most powerful medicinal herbs on earth. Find out everything about this potent functional medicine, along with all the amazing benefits and the best ways to consume it.