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Doing a good job helping me to maintain my health

I always feel that my concerns and needs are met after my appointments. Fantastic care!

Dr.Klimenko takes her time and is incredibly sweet and personable.

I like when doctors really pay attention to the patients complains.

Dr. Klimenko is a compassionate caring expert in her field who continues to display her ability to synthesize test results to come up with a plan to improve my health

Great office and service ce

Marina is very direct, knowledgeable, and eloquent in describing the complexities of health.

How efficient and simple everything is

Dr.Klimenko is not only an extremely knowledgeable doctor but takes the time to listen to her patients. She takes a genuine interest in their care. I always feel well taken care of with Dr. Klimenko. Her staff is extremely efficient and always responds to your communication in a time manner.

Time and attention to my individual health is unparalleled

I like that my doctor does a more thorough examination for the patient whereas most conventional doctors spend like 20 minutes on a patient visit at most. It makes a major difference for your health. My doctor also looked at certain symptoms and tested me for a condition that I never would have considered nor would most doctors. I appreciate the broader scope in medicine like homeopathy, western and eastern medicine as well as actually listening to the patient without gaslighting them. I highly recommend because I have received medical care unlike anything I've ever had before.

Finally found a medical practice that understands how to work on healing the body.

Professional staff, structured program, variety of resources, MD knowledgeable in other modalities.

kind, thorough, gentle, patient.

Dr. Elena Klimenko is extremely thorough and knowledgeable. She also has great bedside manners. The nurse was very sweet and attentive . The entire staff is welcoming.

The doctor is very thorough in her examination and the treatment plan

Compassionate Knowledgeable and very effective treatments. Thank you

My first visit was way beyond what I was hoping for. I was giddy with the personal attention. I felt listened to, I never felt pressure, or pushed, and I never felt like I was being sold something. Marina asked excellent questions, and she showed a wonderful balance between professionalism and friendliness. It was a great experience!

Very personal and communicative

Elena Klimenko is an excellent doctor with a welcoming very competent team. She doesn't rely on prescribing pharmaceuticals for every ailment, and works extensively with high quality supplements and homeopathic remedies when possible. I first learned about probiotics from her back in 2008. Dr. K gives you her full attention and works with you to address every concern with her wide array of knowledge and experience. She's not rushing to the next patient. She also provides high end anti-aging products and services like botox, which is amazing.

Professional and knowledgeable. Staff and the doctor are very soothing and kind. No one rushed me and everything that was done was explained in detail.

Perfect! Thank you very much 🙏

Dr K is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about health. She looks at the body as an interconnected system and that’s what’s necessary for treating chronic illness.

Professional, caring, friendly, knowledgeable, sincere, caring.

They take time to evaluate the situation and listen to me

Great care team with attention to detail. overall very helpful!

Unbeatable expertise, crystal clear explanations about medical conditions, healing attention to detail, couch-like attitude, excellent feedback

Hi I received top notch care from Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. Dr. Kucher was very thorough and listened to all of my complaints which led to a diagnosis that no other doctor has ever given me. Other doctors give very run of the mill testing that misses so many problems. She gave me very comprehensive testing and evaluations that can only be accomplished through knowledge and quality time with the patient. So far, I'm on a path to the best health that I've had in so long. Thank you so much you have literally saved my life!

Dr. Klimenko’s extensive knowledge and understanding of bodily functioning and the multiple and interdisciplinary resources available, often beyond traditional medicinal approaches, offers the patient an extremely valuable resource in the pursuit wholesome restorative health.

Super thorough and always responds quickly. Also, I started seeing results from diet changes and the prescribed supplement/regime almost immediately. I haven’t felt this good in a very long time. Add to that my complexion is smooth and clear and my coloring is healthier looking than it’s ever been z

Dr. Klimenko is a very caring doctor. She genuinely cares about her patients. She takes time with each individual answering questions that one may have. In a year that I have been with Dr. Klimenko, my health has improved!

Comprehensive. Attentive. High level care!!!

Dr. Klimenko is extremely knowledgeable and provides excellent personal care specific to her patients’ needs.

They tried to get to root of their patients sickness.

Excellent care

Many of the services are alternative medicine

The service I receive at HW&W is exceptional. The staff is caring, polite and professional. I highly recommend Dr. Klimenko.

How knowledgeable you are, how approachable, open and putting the patient's need first you are.

For their kindness and efficiency. I have lived my entire life with a severe case of chronic autoimmunity and only Dr. Klimenko has improved my health, serious problems that no doctor in prestigious hospitals has been able to solve for decades. Thanks that since 2018 she has been treating me, my life is 90% much better.

Dr. Klimenko is very personable. She actually cares about my healing. The recommendations that she makes for me have helped me heal. The nutrients and supplements that I am taking are making a difference in my life. When I am having a crisis, like when I got Covid, Dr. Klimenko was available to me, and gave me a list of remedies that I needed. Dr. Klimenko is always a available when I need her. I appreciate the affordability of her services also.

Your symptoms get diagnosed so you’re able to treat them!

Marina is not only extremely knowledgeable in any area of functional medicine but she’s also an expert in genetics which has helped me identify some weak spots and feel better. She is also very patient and kind. Great addition to the practice!

You are very thorough to find the cause of the illness, and have all the tools to help you feel better. Dr. Klimenko, and all her stuff make you feel confident that you are in good hands.

She was thorough and took her time explaining the treatment. She was also patient when I asked a lot of questions. Dr.Klimenko is a very nice and knowledgable woman!

The most professional doctors office I ever had to deal with. Customer service is immaculate. You ask questions and you get answers immediately. Dr Elena Klimenko is very diligent and knowledgeable. And you can see that she really cares about her patients while she treats them. I have a very complicated case that involves thyroid issues, gut issues and multiple bacteria. Dr. Elena approached it very professionally with a well planned strategy. I’m sure I’ll get better soon under her care

Dr. Klimenko is hands down the best functional medicine doctor I've worked with! She uses truly the best approaches to helping her patients and people like myself address complex conditions/health issues by using holistic and functional approaches by truly understanding the body and how its organs/systems work. Since working with Dr. K, I've seen great progress and appreciate all of the time she's spent on my case as it has been complex one and while there is still a lot to unpack, I'm very confident that with the supplement plan she's created for me along with the tailored/targeted treatments that I will be able to address each issue individually with the goal to heal my body as a whole. I also appreciate Dr. K's knowledge on so many issues (Mold toxicity, bacterial infections, SIBO, toxicities, imbalances or deficiencies in the body etc.) She really knows how to address these issues that the conventional system often doesn't have the solutions for. I would recommend Dr. Klimenko to anyone whether you are looking to stay healthy long-term and would like to implement changes or address a complex issue functionally or simply find out what may be causing chronic symptoms - she is the best doctor I could recommend!

It a great service

The doctor was very approachable had obviously review my paperwork and prepared to help me begin my journey to wellness. I’m grateful to her already.

Overall great service with good follow up

Dr Klimenko is very through at the time of the interview, the type of testing they offer is not offered in conventional medicine ( very deep testing ), and finally because they see you as a person, they treat the person, rather than just the symptoms.

Dr. Klimenko really cares about her patients. She takes the time to answer your questions. She is encouraging and wants her patients to feel their best. Her knowledge about a variety of topics is incredible. I am honored to be a patient of Dr. Klimenko.

So personal, knowledgable, and results-oriented!

I'm very grateful to Dr Klimenko for her knowledge and dedication to patients. I love the fact that she is there for me when I need her. Last week I had an emergency and she saw me that same day during the daily time slot she has reserved for patient's emergencies. She made a very thorough evaluation and I was able to start my treatment immediately. Not only that, she followed up on my situation the next day. I'm so happy to have Dr Klimenko by my side!!

Excellent all around..attentive, prompt, courteous, efficient, knowledgeable, friendly

It was a thorough wellness intake assessment.

the time spent with the doctor. It was not rushed and interactive conversation.

Services are comprehensive, relevant and provided by true experts in the field.

Dr Elena Klimenko is a very good doctor. She treats the patient very thoroughly applying all natural remedies. Most importantly she does not use unnecessary medications which has side effects.

Dr. Klimenko and her nurse Gladia helped me tremendously to regain my life. Hashimoto's and lyme diseases are my biggest health problem, and the only doctor who understood me, was Elena Klimenko. I can put my life in her hands knowing that she really cares about me, and my life quality. Forever thank you!

Dr. Klimenko and her staff are quite knowledgeable and very helpful. The patient is treated as a person who is in the office for help, not as the next number in a line. I like the clear instructions on how to embark on the elimination diet, why it’s important, and how the supplements will help me. The supplements re easy to get, either through the office or the online site. I’m looking forward to better health.

We really love that we are treated like we are family with much love and care.

Dr. Klimenko saved me again. I had several symptoms that other doctors would treat with medications. She looks for the root of the problem (functional medicine) and advised me to do mold testing in my apartment. My apartment was infested with mold. It wasn’t black mold so I didn’t think it was anything. If I had been medicated for the symptoms, I would have been living my whole life in a severely mold infested apartment which would make me sicker and sicker. This doctor has saved me while other doctors never gave my environment a thought.

Your service is great.

I love Dr. Klimenko and her team. All my questions are answered in a timely manner. Her staff is super efficient, organized and caring. Dr. Klimenko takes an interest in her patients. She is a very caring and thoughtful physician.

every thing Marina is a very knowledgeable and king practitioner I am so grateful to have her guiding me with such compassion

Attentive, thorough and caring! Ive learned more about myself now more than ever!

Dr Klimenko is very thorough and deeply cares about her patients. She is a gem!

Dr Klimenko is smart, clear, precise, engaging and curios. The portal makes it easy to communicate, her or her staff responds quickly with any concerns one may have.

Holistically-oriented state-of-the-art healthcare from a fine medical team with good people skills.

The staff is very attentive and courteous. I’m glad I found Dr Klimenko and Dr Marina Kucher. They are very thorough and really helped to eliminate my gastritis and all of the prescriptions I was taking for it! They take their time to listen and to explain your underlying conditions. The integrative-phased treatment approach and the health coach sessions are very educational and helpful while I’m’ making life style changes to improve my overall health.

Dr. Klimenko is very personable. She really cares about me and my healing. Dr. Klimenko takes time to check on me, and my progress. I get to have a health coach, Emanuela, who also helps me with my journey to healing. Everyone in the office is caring and kind too. I tell everyone I know about Dr. Klimenko. I really appreciate the care and education I get from Dr. Klimenko. [NAME REMOVED]

I love the care, time, and effort that Dr. Klimenko gives in finding the root cause of my health issues. She is a very knowledgable doctor, who truly wants the best for you. I would recommend her to anyone who has an autoimmune disorder, other chronic illnesses, or someone who just wants a more holistic approach to their treatment.

Extremely knowledgeable and very caring

I like the advice and the approach

Everyone is helpful & nice.

Excellent services. Dr. Klimenko is extremely knowledgeable. She diagnoses and treats in a holistic manner. This enabled me to address my issues and heal WITHOUT medication that other doctors prescribed which would merely make the symptoms go away as opposed to the root of the problem causing the issues.

It's only the beginning and so far the entire staff has been most helpful and informative

I appreciate Dr. Klimenko's thoroughness. Dr. Klimenko takes the time to explain things that I may not understand. She makes me feel well cared for. I have seen some improvement in my health since I started working with Dr. Klimenko. I definitely sleep better. There has been an improvement in my cholesterol levels as well. I also liked that I saw Dr. Klimenko on a telemed appointment today also.

Dr Klimenko is smart, caring and frank. I highly recommend her.

The genetics test is awesome. Dr Klimenko and Dr Bystock are very thorough. They examine a person’s health “wholistically”. I highly recommend them.

Elena is amazing overall!

Listens to me. Has a good team. Has a medical approach, a spiritual approach and a alternative approach

Dr. Klimenko is the best. I’ve been her patient for 12 years! I will always keep seeing her for my cosmetic needs.

I met with Dr. Klimenko for the first time as a new patient. I was very impressed with the time she spent to go over my intake form, answer my questions and perform an exam. Dr. Klimenko was super attentive and very thorough. I look forward to being her patient and help me to work on my overall health.

Personal touch, tailored offered services and sharing of knowledge

Cutting edge!

Dr. Klimenko and her staff are always professional, respectful, and patient.

concerned and compassionate

Dr. Kilmenko is detailed, attentive, and responsive. I am looking forward to working with her.

First doctor that actually listened to me and linked my symptoms to make a plan. Very happy and hopeful!

Level of detail and dedication

Ny, NY
Dr. Elena is a great doctor. Extremely knowledgeable, intuitive, and takes time with her patients to understand their needs. Very nice office staff as well. I've been seeing Dr. Klimenko for 10 years. Highly recommended.

I love that the Doctors take the time to explain tests results and how it affects overall health and how it may be associated to symptoms or illness/disease you have. The staff are very friendly and helpful when you call or visit the office; clear and prompt communication between the team and I via the portal or if a call back is required. Lastly, the treatment plan works; i stated seeing a difference in my health and that re-assured me that i made the right decision choosing Dr. K.

Everyone was very helpful.

1. I like the modalities of all the services you offer. 2. While the portal is not easy to get used to, we were able to enter a dialogue that made sense and was fulfilled. Besides being a highly qualified physician, Doctor Klimenko is a counselor and the motto Healthy, Wealthy and Wise is most appropriate,

I like how the approach to care is to test first and dig deeper if we don’t find the answer. Dr K was the only Dr that kept testing and looking deeper.

A holistic approach to wellness and health. I am always in good hands at Healthy Wealthy and Wise. I feel as if I’ve been given years back to my life but the best is the education that comes with it so your journey continuously improves for life.