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Amahle BuçíeAmahle Buçíe

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Judith MukunyadzeJudith Mukunyadze

I have been suffering from #herpes disease for over 4 years, i was hopeless until one of my friend directed me to a man called Dr Eric, she said he cures the sickness and also said he has also helped her friend, i never believed her but after a lot of talk, i decided to give him a try, just few days ago i contacted him and he told me what to do which i did and he gave me a herbal cure which i took and then he told me to go for a test which i also did and when the result came out i was surprised to see that i am negative. I am proud to tell you that i am the most happiest person on earth I Give thanks to God for directing me to Dr Eric.. If you are having any problem and you need help, You can contact him with his email or Whatapp:
. And He also have herbs medicine to cured the following diseases; #eczema,#urethra #wart,#chronic problems.#Herpes, #Cancer, #Als,#Hepatitis, #Diabetes, #HPV,#Infections,#ulcer ETC...

Becky GwongBecky Gwong

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Evgenia HuldischEvgenia Huldisch

I have being a patient of Doctor Klimenko for over 10 year. I love her for being caring and very thorough. Thank you, Elena.

M Teresita BiancoM Teresita Bianco



Thanks. I found many useful articles and videos about herbs to solve the problems of Herpes Virus. For example the treatment program in africa and america with a very democratic price by Doc Oliver Email: You can also contact Him on WhatsApp

Eksey Mfana MohaleEksey Mfana Mohale

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Karen MillKaren Mill

I prefer to recommend
When I tested positive for Herpes it was hell living with such virus knowing that I was going to live with the virus for the rest of my life, I was devastated, hopeless and in pains when the symptoms started showing up, a month ago i came across a reviews on Facebook an it was about how dr Ihionkhan cured Herpes Simplex virus and other diseases using herbal medicine, I doubted it at first because of my experiences with other herbal doctor on Facebook, i ordered herpes herbal cure from Dr Ihionkhan an I received a week later, few days to my taken the medicine i discovered I was no longer having outbreaks as usual, no inching and symptoms gone, I did test report an it came negative, I did another test still still negative.
right now i can boldly say there's a cure for Herpes without misleading anyone. Thank you so much dr Ihionkhan herbal home.

This his whatsapp Link and email!

John HenryJohn Henry

Reach out to Dr Eric today for your herpes medicine, I got cured when i order my herbal medicine from him and i will love to share online my testimony and share his contact to any one looking for help to reach out to him on whats-app [ +2348162493924 ] OR Email

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The doctor was very approachable had obviously review my paperwork and prepared to help me begin my journey to wellness. I’m grateful to her already.

Overall great service with good follow up

Dr Klimenko is very through at the time of the interview, the type of testing they offer is not offered in conventional medicine ( very deep testing ), and finally because they see you as a person, they treat the person, rather than just the symptoms.

Dr. Klimenko really cares about her patients. She takes the time to answer your questions. She is encouraging and wants her patients to feel their best. Her knowledge about a variety of topics is incredible. I am honored to be a patient of Dr. Klimenko.

So personal, knowledgable, and results-oriented!

I'm very grateful to Dr Klimenko for her knowledge and dedication to patients. I love the fact that she is there for me when I need her. Last week I had an emergency and she saw me that same day during the daily time slot she has reserved for patient's emergencies. She made a very thorough evaluation and I was able to start my treatment immediately. Not only that, she followed up on my situation the next day. I'm so happy to have Dr Klimenko by my side!!

Excellent all around..attentive, prompt, courteous, efficient, knowledgeable, friendly

It was a thorough wellness intake assessment.

the time spent with the doctor. It was not rushed and interactive conversation.

Services are comprehensive, relevant and provided by true experts in the field.

Dr Elena Klimenko is a very good doctor. She treats the patient very thoroughly applying all natural remedies. Most importantly she does not use unnecessary medications which has side effects.

Dr. Klimenko and her nurse Gladia helped me tremendously to regain my life. Hashimoto's and lyme diseases are my biggest health problem, and the only doctor who understood me, was Elena Klimenko. I can put my life in her hands knowing that she really cares about me, and my life quality. Forever thank you!

Dr. Klimenko and her staff are quite knowledgeable and very helpful. The patient is treated as a person who is in the office for help, not as the next number in a line. I like the clear instructions on how to embark on the elimination diet, why it’s important, and how the supplements will help me. The supplements re easy to get, either through the office or the online site. I’m looking forward to better health.

We really love that we are treated like we are family with much love and care.

Dr. Klimenko saved me again. I had several symptoms that other doctors would treat with medications. She looks for the root of the problem (functional medicine) and advised me to do mold testing in my apartment. My apartment was infested with mold. It wasn’t black mold so I didn’t think it was anything. If I had been medicated for the symptoms, I would have been living my whole life in a severely mold infested apartment which would make me sicker and sicker. This doctor has saved me while other doctors never gave my environment a thought.

Your service is great.

I love Dr. Klimenko and her team. All my questions are answered in a timely manner. Her staff is super efficient, organized and caring. Dr. Klimenko takes an interest in her patients. She is a very caring and thoughtful physician.

every thing Marina is a very knowledgeable and king practitioner I am so grateful to have her guiding me with such compassion

Attentive, thorough and caring! Ive learned more about myself now more than ever!

Dr Klimenko is very thorough and deeply cares about her patients. She is a gem!

Dr Klimenko is smart, clear, precise, engaging and curios. The portal makes it easy to communicate, her or her staff responds quickly with any concerns one may have.

Holistically-oriented state-of-the-art healthcare from a fine medical team with good people skills.

The staff is very attentive and courteous. I’m glad I found Dr Klimenko and Dr Marina Kucher. They are very thorough and really helped to eliminate my gastritis and all of the prescriptions I was taking for it! They take their time to listen and to explain your underlying conditions. The integrative-phased treatment approach and the health coach sessions are very educational and helpful while I’m’ making life style changes to improve my overall health.

Dr. Klimenko is very personable. She really cares about me and my healing. Dr. Klimenko takes time to check on me, and my progress. I get to have a health coach, Emanuela, who also helps me with my journey to healing. Everyone in the office is caring and kind too. I tell everyone I know about Dr. Klimenko. I really appreciate the care and education I get from Dr. Klimenko. [NAME REMOVED]

I love the care, time, and effort that Dr. Klimenko gives in finding the root cause of my health issues. She is a very knowledgable doctor, who truly wants the best for you. I would recommend her to anyone who has an autoimmune disorder, other chronic illnesses, or someone who just wants a more holistic approach to their treatment.

Extremely knowledgeable and very caring

I like the advice and the approach

Everyone is helpful & nice.

Excellent services. Dr. Klimenko is extremely knowledgeable. She diagnoses and treats in a holistic manner. This enabled me to address my issues and heal WITHOUT medication that other doctors prescribed which would merely make the symptoms go away as opposed to the root of the problem causing the issues.

It's only the beginning and so far the entire staff has been most helpful and informative

I appreciate Dr. Klimenko's thoroughness. Dr. Klimenko takes the time to explain things that I may not understand. She makes me feel well cared for. I have seen some improvement in my health since I started working with Dr. Klimenko. I definitely sleep better. There has been an improvement in my cholesterol levels as well. I also liked that I saw Dr. Klimenko on a telemed appointment today also.

Dr Klimenko is smart, caring and frank. I highly recommend her.

The genetics test is awesome. Dr Klimenko and Dr Bystock are very thorough. They examine a person’s health “wholistically”. I highly recommend them.

Elena is amazing overall!

Listens to me. Has a good team. Has a medical approach, a spiritual approach and a alternative approach

Dr. Klimenko is the best. I’ve been her patient for 12 years! I will always keep seeing her for my cosmetic needs.

I met with Dr. Klimenko for the first time as a new patient. I was very impressed with the time she spent to go over my intake form, answer my questions and perform an exam. Dr. Klimenko was super attentive and very thorough. I look forward to being her patient and help me to work on my overall health.

Personal touch, tailored offered services and sharing of knowledge

Cutting edge!

Dr. Klimenko and her staff are always professional, respectful, and patient.

concerned and compassionate

Dr. Kilmenko is detailed, attentive, and responsive. I am looking forward to working with her.

First doctor that actually listened to me and linked my symptoms to make a plan. Very happy and hopeful!

Level of detail and dedication

Ny, NY
Dr. Elena is a great doctor. Extremely knowledgeable, intuitive, and takes time with her patients to understand their needs. Very nice office staff as well. I've been seeing Dr. Klimenko for 10 years. Highly recommended.

I love that the Doctors take the time to explain tests results and how it affects overall health and how it may be associated to symptoms or illness/disease you have. The staff are very friendly and helpful when you call or visit the office; clear and prompt communication between the team and I via the portal or if a call back is required. Lastly, the treatment plan works; i stated seeing a difference in my health and that re-assured me that i made the right decision choosing Dr. K.

Everyone was very helpful.

1. I like the modalities of all the services you offer. 2. While the portal is not easy to get used to, we were able to enter a dialogue that made sense and was fulfilled. Besides being a highly qualified physician, Doctor Klimenko is a counselor and the motto Healthy, Wealthy and Wise is most appropriate,

I like how the approach to care is to test first and dig deeper if we don’t find the answer. Dr K was the only Dr that kept testing and looking deeper.

A holistic approach to wellness and health. I am always in good hands at Healthy Wealthy and Wise. I feel as if I’ve been given years back to my life but the best is the education that comes with it so your journey continuously improves for life.

She has extensive knowledge about health and has provided excellent care for me when my conventional doctors. In fact, he treatment has enabled me to take a much healthier and safer path than their treatment which would compound my health issues.

Dr. Elena Klimenko is incredible. She combines expertise and willingness to connect, investigate, discuss, and deliver treatment that works. She is also lovely to speak with at every appointment. My search for knowledgeable doctor is over! HIGHLY recommend.

Very thorough. Takes a lot of time with the patient. Very accommodating. Excellent support.

Doing a great job. Thank you. would recommend the clinic to other

I appreciated the doctor studying all my paper work and her thoughts and advice on what to do. I felt that the office could have used my insurance for the ekg. I hope I can communicate over the phone because I should have been born 50 years later than I was. I am only very stupid when it has to do with communicating with others on my iPad. Please try to have patients with me,it is to easy for you I am sure. Be well speak soon.

Friendly and clean. Very approachable

Very professional office & the doctor was extremely thorough,

Dr. Klimenko took the time to learn about my health history, and to learn about me. She is very personable. I like that Dr. Klimenko is very thorough in her examining me, our discussion about my health, and the blood work that she sent me to get.

how extremely effective is Dr. Klimenko’s treatment She is always willing to go beyond to help and the care from the staff. very friendly and knowledgeable

She was extremely knowledgeable and spent a significant amount time with me understanding my concerns . She provided a clear plan that i am excited to begin along with resources to help me succeed .

Dr. Klimenko is a true professional at what she does. She takes her time and always delivers the best results.

Personal good listening relaxed office Knowledgeable Sensitive Many good things !

Level of detail and dedication. Professional etiquette Shared know how

Dr. Klimenko has spent a lifetime studying and practicing holistic and integrative healthcare. She is thorough, thoughtful, and trustworthy!

She is great doctor

The testing in general is much different than in regular medicine (much more deeper), the auscultation was actually a real auscultation, Dr Klimenko was very kind, friendly and explained things at detail, the staff in the office was friendly, and the whole idea of treating the person rather than just the symptom, is extremely important, because in that way, the patient gets a real benefit, and not just a bandaid to the physical problem they complain of.

Dr. Klimenko and her staff are the most knowlegable practitioners. They are caring and they have helped me to avoid damaging treatments that conventional doctors have recommended. Not only does Dr. Klimenko have a MD degree, but she has studied far beyond making her much better suited to treat patients than conventional doctors who lack such training and education.

I think it’s absolutely wonderful! I feel confident that Doctor and staff will help heal me!

Very appreciative of the entire team. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to improve their wellness and overall quality of life.

Dr Klimenko is very knowledgeable and caring. An excellent clinician and skilled in engaging and assisting her patients to gain insight into their own resistance to self-care as part of the healing process . An organized and efficient set up with competent and caring staff as is needed . I have worked with Dr Klimenko as a Cillo and now as her patient and trust her deep intention to provide recommendations plus work with what is the priority is the list of issues that one is challenged with. A truely fine, competent and caring physician and healer devoted to her work.

Efficient, very clean office and professional service. Thanks!

Dr Klimenko is personable., straight forward, very knowledgeable about wholistic healing. She makes you feel like you’re her only patient. Of course she gets paid but it obvious she’s not all about the money

Dr.Klimenko is very personable, knowledgeable and thorough. I like that she uses alternative and integrative approaches to healing as opposed to handing out medications. I have just started my journey of healing but I think that Dr Klimenko's passion will help me to achieve that goal.

It’s very personalized and addresses the root causes of my health issues! In addition, Dr. Klimenko and the staff are all welcoming and lovely.

The detailed plan for treatment and approach

compassionate care and great knowledge

An amazing doctor who listens to all of your concerns and will try everything she knows to help you! She always answers all of my questions and is quick with replying on her patient portal. She has helped me tremendously in the 2 years that I have been her patient and I would recommend her to everyone that I know!

Dr Klimenko is fantastic & I have referred a couple friend to see her also.

Dr. Klimenko examine thoroughly and very gives thoughtful treatment. I like her treatment plan. Everybody in her office are very nice and hospitable.

Dr. Klimenko and staff were very professional.

I had a very nice experience...…...Dr. Klimenko took the time to evaluate my preferences and was very helpful in explaining my options. Looking forward to my follow up appointment.

Dr. Klimenko is very kind, patient and willing to take the time to listen to all my concerns. The appointment was long, which I appreciate because most doctors only spend around 10-15 mins with me in the past. The office is nice and calm and the receptionist served me my favorite tea!

Efficient service and focused on making me feel better.

Kindness & Knowledge mustn't forget the feeling AT LAST

The thoroughness of her work.

Everyone one is friendly, professional, and competent at this office. Each member explains the process of what they are doing.

I love how Dr Klimenko is very insightful and makes recommendations that are tailored to my needs. She is very caring and goes above and beyond.

I can't be more impressed by Dr. Klimenko. From the moment I made the appointment to see her, her staff was welcoming, responsive, and accommodating. During my visit, Dr. Klimenko took the time to review my records and performed a thorough evaluation, not only from a physical and biological perspective, but also from a mental state and emotional standpoint. She is incredibly knowledgeable in those areas and provided a well-rounded plan that covers them all. Her warmth and desire to bring her patients back to total health are genuine. She gave me her full attention during our visit and validated my concerns without bias while providing sensible input that gave me hope. I left her office inspired and encouraged, knowing that healthy living is within reach.

Dr. Klimenko is so attentive and caring. The BEST doctor ever. Because of her, I feel hopeful in healing and becoming a better version of myself.

Very caring and knowledgable about treating the root cause.

From the moment I arrived at the office, until the time I left each and every person I interacted with was personable. Dr. Klimenko is exemplary at reviewing not only test results but explaining the impacts in a digestible manner. She was patient, allowed me to express all of my concerns and she genuinely cares about you and getting you back to the optimal version of you. I love that the products are readily available in the office, as you have exactly what you need to begin your health journey, including descriptive details on how to use. The Health Coach is also phenomenal, shared insightful information and even provided a food plan, with not only recipes but a shopping list which takes any guessing out of the equation. I highly recommend Dr. Klimenko to anyone who wants a Doctor that genuinely cares about your health and knows exactly how to tackle your issues in a holistic manner. Prior to seeing Dr. Klimenko I had seen another functional doctor and just wasn’t feeling any better. I was amazed when Dr. Klimenko looked at the same test results and prescribed a different approach which involved a lot more supplements, tackling my conditions which were overlooked by the last doctor. There aren’t enough words to explain, how grateful and hopeful I am at getting back to optimal health. Thank you Dr. Klimenko!

It was a great experience as it was my first time doing Botox. She explained the procedure well did exactly what she said she would. And the results are great so far!

I’d really recommend Dr Klimenko to my friends , she is thorough and seems very caring .

3A, NY
The combination of empathy and knowledge, care for the patient and being thorough

Very personalized

so far very good.

I am astounded at how concise and encompassing is the workup and treatment. The patient is kept informed and assisted to. This is a learning experience for me.

The doctor is very knowledgeable about her practice. She is always respectful and on time. Her staff are courteous as well. I’ve been her patient for 11 years!