Fatigue Isn’t Permanent: You Can Regain Your Energy

Fatigue Isn’t Permanent: You Can Regain Your Energy

by Elena Klimenko, MD


What happened to the days when you had enough energy and focus to excel at your responsibilities? Lately, you grit your teeth, push through the constant exhaustion, and just assume it comes with getting older. Maybe your friends or doctors assure you it’s a temporary response to a major life change or illness. 

But after months of barely getting by, you feel burnt out. 

This does not need to be your normal. 

Symptoms of Fatigue No matter how much you sleep, you wake up groggy and your day drags. Even after one cup, two cups, or three cups of coffee, you only manage to feel somehow tired and wired. On top of that, you may also be struggling with: 

    • Muscle aches and pain 

    • Headaches and frequent sore throats 

    • Impaired concentration, attention, decision-making, and memory 

    • Mood swings, including irritability, anger, or sadness 

    • Insomnia or other sleep-related issues 

Beyond those symptoms, fatigue and burnout can eventually lead to other issues, from relationship difficulties to long-term health conditions. 

Consequences of Fatigue 

According to the National Safety Council, 97% of workers have at least one risk factor for fatigue, while 80% report having two or more.1 More than 70 million people suffer from a sleep disorder contributing to fatigue. 

Not only does this translate to poorer overall health, safety suffers on and off the job. Workplace injuries can be caused by fatigue-related accidents and are often followed by poor performance, leading to lost wages for the employee.

The cost of fatigue goes beyond the loss of productivity. It can impact relationships, resulting in isolation, loneliness, or conflicts at home and at work. Limited energy can also lead to an over-reliance on unhealthy, processed foods. If you can barely make it through your workday, how can you find the energy to cook a healthy dinner? 

Unfortunately, these interrelated factors may eventually result in the development of chronic conditions, including depression, obesity, cardiovascular disease or other long-term health issues. 

The Functional Medicine Difference 

Have you spent countless dollars on stimulants and doctors who say you’re just depressed? While prescriptions may be helpful for some, not everyone responds to those medications because they may not address the root causes of their symptoms. 

I’ve worked with hundreds of patients who dealt with fatigue for weeks, months, and even years. Thankfully, I’ve learned methods to help them successfully resolve their chronic fatigue. Whether you’ve had a sudden onset of exhaustion or it’s slowly crept up on you, we have a solution for you that does not involve prescription medications. 


If you’re ready to take control of your health, let our team at Healthy Wealthy and Wise help you identify the root causes of your health struggles. To learn more about Fatigue and Burnout, you can watch the replay of our live Q&A HERE.

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