Webinar “Immune Support for Your Lungs Health”

Immune Support for Lungs Health webinar

Webinar “Immune Support for Your Lungs Health”

Join Dr. Elena Klimenko, a functional medicine doctor, for a discussion on respiratory health, diving deep into the details of respiratory infections, especially in the time of COVID-19.

Learn the ways our respiratory system is affected (i.e. seasonal allergies, home pollutants, diet, environment, etc.), along with what we can do to support our respiratory health overall.

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“Immune Support for Your Lungs Health”
By Dr. Klimenko

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“Immune Support for Your Lungs Health” webinar

We should not forget about the important role our lungs play in our overall health. And like the rest of our body, our lungs need special regular care and attention. Lungs can have a build-up of toxins and tar caused by smoking, environmental pollution, allergens, dust, etc.

As we know, when we breath, we feed oxygen to every organ in our body on a cellular level. Lack of oxygen can lead to many health issues, including respiratory illnesses and even heart diseases, to mention just a few.

But our regular, everyday breathing is not enough to keep our body full of oxygen. During most of our daily activities, our lungs are functioning only at 50 percent of their full capacity. Therefore, we have to challenge our lungs with more intense activities. So, we need to “push them” to their limits by practicing special breathing exercises to help your lungs cleanse themselves and to avoid the above-mentioned problems.

Yoga has many breathing techniques that you can explore. Basically, any deep breathing or diaphragmatic breathing exercises will be helpful if they are done in a proper manner. We will write a separate article about this topic in future.

There is also special lung association that offers useful information about breathing techniques for people with lung and breathing problems. Check out their Better Breathers Clubs throughout the United States of America. You can visit the American Lung Association website or call them at (800) LUNG-USA to find out more information.

If you want to get more information about the Immune support and respiratory health or to schedule an integrative medicine consultation, please call our office at 212-696-4325.

Stay healthy and strong!

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