Managing Seasonal Allergies

Managing Seasonal Allergies

Managing Seasonal Allergies

Those who suffer from seasonal allergies, especially during the spring time, know that it is around the corner. There are three major allergy seasons for outside allergens, which are:

· Spring (starts February, tree pollen is the main culprit here)

· Summer (caused mostly by grasses which release allergy-causing pollen. The typical grasses include Timothy, Johnson and Rye) and

· Fall (weeds especially ragweed, which grows almost everywhere).


Our environment and abundance of the toxins, including pharmaceuticals are the mail cause of the immune system become overly stimulated and reacts easily to changes. Dr. Leo Galland and his book titled “The Allergy Solution” that the body’s immune system can be overly sensitized due to environmental toxins in the air, excess use of antibiotics and a fluctuating food system which causes internal inflammation and nutrient deficiencies.

Preparation for Allergy season

The most important and first step in preparation for allergy season is to know what you are really allergic to. This helps to reduce the burden of exposure if you avoid it. The second step is to identify the allergy remedy that works for you. It advised to start taking natural medicine for allergies at least a week before the exposure.


Not every environmental allergy needs to be treated pharmaceutically. Actually, the drugs are very effective, but they don’t address the root cause of the allergy. There are a lot of natural substances that we use in our practice working really well, as well as homeopathic medicines. Here are my favorite.

  1. Improve nutritional status of the patient with basic food based supplement Catalyn by Standard Process. The rich content of this supplement provides wide variety of nutrients that body needs to perform well. This product is available in gluten-free version and in chewable version for kids (great support for kids who don’t like to eat veggies).
  1. Antronex by Standard Process is a unique formula with antihistaminic effect and improving liver circulation. This helps to detoxify blood from the “storm of antibodies” that are formed by immune system in response to exposure.
  1. Albizia Complex by MediHerb is a special combination of herbs: Albizia bark, Chinese Skullcap root and Feverfew leaf and stem. This is intended to maintain normal upper respiratory tract and skin function. promotes a normal response to occasional seasonal allergy, and supports a normal immune response.
  1. Allerplex complex by Standard Process is a powerful nutritional supplement used in the treatment of seasonal allergy. It helps to support the upper and lower respiration. It contains Vitamin A and Vitamin C which supports the ability of the body to handle seasonal, environmental, and dietary challenges. It supports healthy state of mucous membranes, liver, lung, and respiratory function.

There are certain food that help to combat seasonal allergy. Some which include:

· Vitamin C: this is a natural antihistamine which opposes the activity of histamine receptors in the body, thereby stopping the symptoms of allergy. This can be found in berries, lemons and other citrus fruits, broccoli, leafy greens and chilies.

· Vegetables that are rich in chlorophyll such as watercress, arugula, kale, swiss chard, spinach and mustard green, all help to clear allergies immune enhancing inflammatory properties and also because of the fact that they detoxify the liver, thereby helping the body process any immune triggers present in the body

· Quercetin: this is a flavonoid present in onions, apples, and cabbages, which help to prevent allergies

· Probiotics: they are live bacteria and yeast which are good for digestion of food in the human body. These bacteria are extremely good for the human health. They normalize the immune system and kill unhealthy bacteria in the gut.

In our functional/integrative medicine approach to treatment of allergy the patient is in the center of the care. The goal of functional medicine is to build therapeutic relationship between the patient and the doctor, which addresses the healing of the whole person, including the lifestyle.

If this approach resonate with your believes and you believe that prevention is the best treatment, functional and integrative medical care is for you. Call us we’ll be happy to help 212-696-4325 or email at

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