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What is Functional Medicine?

What is Access Membership?




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Primary Functional medicine

This option is best for anyone looking to optimize their health. You will get a functional medicine evaluation from the doctor and nurse as well as a customize program with a follow-up from a health coach.


$875 billed once

90 minute evalution

4 Health coaching sessions

Email/Text support

Advance biomaker testing

30 days free clinical support

Access Care Plan Membership

This is best for anyone seeking full term holistic care from our doctors, nurses and coaches. The program is committed to making Functional Medicine accessible on a membership basis.


$195 billed monthly

12 months Care Plan

$99 setup fee

75 min. initial doctor visit

4 follow up visits (30 mi. ea.)

5 health coaching sessions (30 min. ea.)

30 days free clinical support

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