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Healthy Eats on the Budget

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“Healthy Eats on the Budget” is a 4-part online class series that gives you the tools you need to maintain a healthy and balanced meal plan you can actually stick with! You’ll find breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and deserts planned out for you.

And to make things easier for you (because eating healthy should be easy and, we say, fun), we created a healthy grocery list for you.

You will have everything you need on hand for every week of the healthy meal plan, which will make meal prep Sunday a breeze and keep you from making extra trips to the store.

Healthy Eats On The Budget

How Can Fasting
Support Your Health

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Class Description:
How Can Fasting Support Your Health?
Are you ready to reset your metabolism?

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If you want to join The 5-Day Fasting Program, call our office @ (212) 696-4325 to order your first box.

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What you’ll receive:

              • Curated meal plan list (breakfasts, lunches, dinners and deserts planned out for you)
              • Curated grocery list for you
              • Recommended products and services
              • Recorded videos and handout of each series
              • Exercises that help you to explore each educational topic and integrate it into your life.
              • Dr. Elena Klimenko MD, IFMCP

              • Mario Landaverde, Chef Nutritionist

              • Erin Assenza, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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