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BEMER products for improving your wellbeing

BEMER provides a range of world-class personal and professional solutions for improving your wellbeing.

BEMER products enhance:
– General blood flow
– The body’s nutrient and oxygen supply and waste disposal
– Cardiac function
– Physical fitness, endurance, strength, and energy
– Concentration, mental acuity, stress reduction & relaxation
– Sleep management

Learn more about BEMER products here: http://drknyc.bemergroup.com/en-US

DermOne Prebiotic Skincare

DermOne SkinCare is the number One choice in Prebiotic Skincare!

Learn more about DermOne SkinCare products here:


Colostrum-LD products by Sovereign Laboratories

Colostrum Therapy is Nature’s first food providing the foundation of our immune system. We offer this place to dialogue with physicians, healthcare professionals and interested individuals dedicated to improving health and reducing our reliance on traditional medical processes that offer little in preventative care. We welcome those who seek the truth, take responsibility for their health and want to improve patient health outcomes without creating side effects. Order direct and enjoy free shipping and automatic delivery!

You can find the Colostrum-LD products made by Sovereign Laboratories here.

Quality nutrition. Straight to your doorstep.

You already know Standard Process for high-quality supplements. But did you know how accessible they are? From placing your supplement order online to receiving your shipment at your doorstep, living a healthier life is easier than ever.

Complete the online application. Be sure to input the code provided by your health care professional (Dr. Elena Klimenko). You’ll be on the path to a healthier life. It really is that simple. To learn how to register for your Patient Direct account, watch this instructional video for patient registration.

Fullscript is the safest and most convenient way to purchase professional-grade products.

How it Works:

Fullscript is an online platform that helps you dispense hi-quality supplements, without the need for physical inventory.


At XYMOGEN, we are passionate about helping individuals achieve their best possible health.

As a family-owned health sciences company, we create innovative dietary supplements in answer to individual feedback from our licensed healthcare practitioners and customers. A quarter century of experience has proved to us the value of our personal attention to every detail and customer, and this is one of the reasons for our success.