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Dear Dr. Klimenko,

I was blessed to have met you this past year. You are certainly the most caring, nurturing and genuine doctor I know (and I know MANY!). You are also the one who never gave up on me and have tried every possible way to find out the source of my problem. Nobody ever looked at me in such a complete way as you have. When I first came to you, I thought that I have already explored every option I could. Yet, by ordering the unique and specialized tests not offered by conventionally trained doctors, you were able to obtain the key answers which were the missing link in putting all the pieces of the puzzle together, tracing the root of my problem. This gives me hope to find the treatment and I am so grateful to you!! I also would like to thank you for always being there. I cannot tell you how important it is for me, as a patient, to know that my doctor is always there to answer any questions or concerns. You truly made a difference in my life and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Warmest regards,

Olga, NYC


A Doctor Who Cares – My Testimonial

Many people view doctor’s appointments with a sense of dread…the cold stethoscope, probing latex fingers, and the cold, sterile environment of the doctor’s office are certainly not comforting images when a patient is already experiencing a level of discomfort. My first visit with Dr. Klimenko was almost three years ago, while I was in the midst of a bout with asthma…a medical condition that is definitely uncomfortable to say the least. Dr. Klimenko’s calm, reassuring and knowledgeable manner set my nerves at ease immediately. While I was only in need of immediate, acute relief for my asthma, it occurred to me that I was also in need of a primary care physician since I was now covered under a new insurance plan. Asking Dr. K to be my PCP was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

All she has done for me, since that day, has been nothing short of incredible. She cured me of chronic athlete’s foot, something that I battled with for many years before she prescribed a combination of holistic and traditional treatments for me. Later, as I experienced my first episode of allergies ever, she saw me at a moment’s notice, pinpointed the issue immediately and performed accupressure and prescribed medication for me that eliminated the problem overnight. Since then, I have referred numerous family and friends to her, all of whom have had similarly overwhelming positive experiences with her. The office from which she operates is a warm, soothing environment, where even the receptionist is pleasant and helpful, and there are numerous herbal teas and fresh water to help yourself to while waiting to see her.

Most of all, though, what separates Dr. K from every other doctor I have had in my 41 years alive, is that she truly cares about her patients. She has patiently fielded numerous questions of mine, and provided frank and direct answers, and has given me recommendations to improve my health on my own, as it is clear that she is a firm believer in preventative medicine. The fact that she is also an experienced practitioner of holistic medicine is an added bonus, because it gives me (the patient) access to thousands of years of proven medical results through “nontraditional” methods and, frankly, I have never been a big fan of the pharmaceutical approach to healing in the first place.

I cannot begin to say enough wonderful things about Dr. Klimenko. She has changed my feelings about medical care, and the doctor’s office experience in general. When it is necessary, I now actually look forward to a visit in her office, as I know that I couldn’t possibly be in better care, from someone who truly cares.

– Majid M. Padellan


Elena Klimenko is a fabulous doctor. She is the sine qua non of cosmetic care. When Elena examines my face I feel like Mona Lisa. She finds the tiniest wrinkles and fills them. She lifts my spirits and my skin. I float on a cloud of air dew, because with her magic fingers I get prettier and prettier and I don’t feel any pain. Ah Ha! And the best of all, she is economically compassionate. So my dollars can stretch far and my beauty soars without sinking my wallet. Oh, what a wonder is this marvelous doctor. If you want to stay young, healthy, and happy, get yourself quick to Dr. Klimenko.

Fond regards,
R.H.O. write


Dr Elena is what most of us seek in a physician-patient relationship but rarely find today. I have a tremendous amount of respect and gratitude for the care and advice she has provided to me during the past 2 years. Dr Klimenko and I first met over 10 years ago before I moved to NYC . She cured my post-Mexico vacation ” turista” and introduced me to probiotics, for which I am forever grateful. When I moved to NYC she became my physician and has been my go-to medical resource for all things health-related. She seems to know something about everything to the point that I am continually impressed!

To name a few: chronic shoulder pain, PMS and pre-menopausal symptoms, alternatives to antibiotics for a UTI, blood testing for heavy metals, and travel/jet lag advice. She is full of ideas and knowledge of both natural medicine, homeopathy and traditional western therapies. When I ask her about a problem she lets me know if there is more than one possible way to address it.

Her accessibility is outstanding as is the quality of the service she provides. I’m not sure where else one can find her level of sincerity and willingness to share her abundance of medical knowledge for an affordable price.

I visited another practice for a routine physical covered by my insurance plan and was disappointed again by the brusque uninterested style that characterizes many physicians one finds out there. I happily raced back to Dr Elena with a sigh of relief and prayer of thanks that I am not forced to rely on the soulless faceless MD practices I’ve come to consider “the norm” in our dysfunctional medical system.

Dr Elena is a great doctor and someone who I can recommend highly.

She also referred me to a great reasonably priced chiropractor in my neighborhood who is now a trusted additional care provider.

–Heather White


Warm, friendly professional staff. Very thorough, not clinical and impersonal. They take their time explaining things to you. You really do feel like a person, not just a patient. They want to find the root causes of your illnesses, and help you to find overall balance in your life. Not just physically, but emotionally as well. The office is decorated in a calm, pleasing manner. I can’t say enough good things about my experience. I feel that they care about you, mind , body and soul.

– L.C.


After being diagnosed with irritable bowl syndrome by a Gastrointerologist I didn’t want to accept that this syndrome doesn’t have a cure. I read about functional medicine and I really like the fact that these doctors look for the root instead or regular doctors who just suppress thr syntoms of your diseases. I found Dr. Elena in the certified functional medicine doctors webpage and I booked an appointment. It was a fantastic experience! I strongly recommend to visit her office. Dr. Elena is a very kind, knowledgeable and careful about her patients. She went into my whole clinical history since I’m a teenager. I’m currently taking the supplements that she prescribed and I started to feel little bit better.

– G.B.


Dr. Klimenko took very detailed and thorough history, beginning with birth. She listened to my concerns and spent a lot of time gathering information about symptoms, age of onset, and possible triggers/causes. She also did a complete physical exam and asked relevant questions in order to conduct a comprehensive assessment and make a more informed diagnosis. Most importantly, Dr. Klimenko used an integrative and holistic approach that sees the body as an interconnected system that needs to be in balance in order for health to be obtained. She did not take the typical approach of conventional medicine, which is to treat symptoms, but rather used the symptoms as clues to determine underlying imbalances, deficiencies, and disease. She ordered a series of lab tests that will help her to get a clearer picture of what may be producing symptoms and possible treatment options. Lastly, she talked about nutrition and food sensitivities, which most physicians don’t know the significance of, and put me on a preliminary plan, including eliminating food that is likely causing toxicity and inflammation. The reception staff is also very professional, polite, and helpful, and the office itself is pleasant and clean. After being frequently disappointed by the medical profession in the past, I’m glad I found Dr. Klimenko’s practice.

– J.P.


I came to Dr Klimenko having completed a heavy treatment and wanting to get back into better health, once for all. I consider myself extremely lucky to have found Dr Klimenko! she is beyond knowledgeable, she uses scientific, traditional medicine and alternative approaches all at the same time. She sees the person, not a patient, and not a disease, but a symptom to something unbalanced, and there was plenty in me!. Less than a year later, the very vast majority of my unbalances/discomforts are gone, for good, without harmful chemicals or useless medication or procedures. Dr Klimenko is kind, classy and extremely skilled and professional. As I said, I am lucky to be her patient!

– M.P.